ARC TC (Short Time) stud welding is a welding process often used for low alloy or low carbon steel applications such as fine sheet metal work or industry, and is compatible with many materials and machines. A first arc, then a second more powerful arc are applied to the material to be welded, to start the fusion. Then, the stud is plunged onto the molten material. A very strong and high quality weld is possible with this method.

C2G offers you the opportunity to buy your welding studs online that are compatible with the ARC TC process, in steel, brass and stainless steel. If you wish, you can also request a quote directly from our online shop.

Steel ARC TC Stud Welding

Steel is the standard material, it is suitable for most uses. Discover a selection of steel stud weldings below, compatible with the ARC TC process.

Brass ARC TC welding studs

Brass welding studs reduce the melting point temperature of the metal. It also increases the service life and mechanical strength of the metal.

Stainless steel ARC TC Stud Welding

Stainless steel stud welding are resistant to temperature and corrosion: an advantage in certain areas such as boiler-making or aeronautics.

ARC TC stud welding: choosing speed and strength for maximum possibilities

Whether in steel, stainless steel or brass, ARC TC stud welding from C2G offer many advantages:
1. Speed: the welding time is shorter than that of ARC FF welding, due to the use of 2 electric arcs with higher intensity.
2. Strength: the process used in ARC TC stud welding results in a high quality weld and ensures excellent strength, regardless of the stud material used.
3. Materials: ARC TC stud welding allows the use of steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminium studs of various types such as flanged, threaded or plain.

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