A self-clinching stud or crimping stud allows fixing to thin supports, such as metal sheets, by fitting a thread onto which another part will be fixed. The self-clinching studs simplify production, by increasing production rates, while offering very good resistance.

C2G offers you to buy your steel or stainless steel self-clinching studs online. If you wish, you can also request a quote directly from our online store.

Steel self-clinching studs

Steel is the standard material, it is suitable for most uses. Discover a selection of steel self-clinching studs below.

Stainless steel self-clinching studs

Stainless steel self-clinching studs have the advantage of being resistant to temperature and corrosion: an advantage in certain areas such as boiler-making or aeronautics.

C2G self-clinching studs: choose simplicity, precision and strength

Whether in steel or stainless steel, C2G self-clinching studs offer multiple advantages:

  • Simplicity: All it takes is a standard press to secure the rivet stud.
  • The precision: the groove and the prostheses receive the sheet, which then creeps by the pressure undergone on the head of the stud.
  • Resistance: the flush assembly thus created makes it possible to hold the pin very firmly in the sheet: very good resistance to both clamping and tearing, via traction and axial forces, is noted.

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