ARC FF (Fusion Forage) stud welding is a welding process widely used in industry. This welding technique meets high demands and requirements and therefore allows for good quality and resistance of the weld. The welding principle used is quite simple but requires specific skills to ensure the safety of the welders. Indeed, an electric current heats up the materials to the melting point, then an electric arc is produced thanks to the shell arc welding to weld the stud to the welding studs.

C2G offers you the possibility to buy your steel and stainless steel ARC FF welding studs online. If you wish, you can also request a quote directly from our online shop.

Steel ARC FF Stud Welding

Steel is the standard material, it is suitable for most uses. Discover a selection of steel stud weldings below, compatible with the ARC FF processus.

Stainless steel ARC FF Stud Welding

Stainless steel stud welding have the ability of being resistant to temperature and corrosion: an advantage in certain areas such as boiler-making or aeronautics.

Ceramic for welding studs

These refractory ceramic rings protect the weld pool, avoid the formation of troublesome collar, weld bead, or weld spatter. They offer optimal weld quality.

ARC FF stud welding: choose strength, simplicity and price

Whether in steel or stainless steel, ARC FF stud welding from C2G offers many advantages:
1. Strength: ARC FF stud welding can meet the high demands and stresses present in many industrial applications.
2. Simplicity: in addition to being particularly effective, ARC FF C2G stud welding is very easy to use.
3. Cost-effective: the ARC FF stud welding process is economical and can be automated.

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